Thursday, 8 August 2013

Junk Mail through my letterbox

I don't know about you but I really object to leaflet drops so much so that I have this notice on my letter box:

Available from 

Stop Junk Mail | The Science of Junk Busting

(This site is also a fount of knowledge for people who want to stem the flow of any junk mail/ leaflets/phone calls etc.)

This morning for the umpteenth time my polite notice was ignored and I came home to find a leaflet advertising a local company.

It caught me at the wrong moment so I tracked down the company's phone number and I gave them a call to ask why my notice had been ignored.

A somewhat hostile woman who claimed to be the manager advised me that they employ people who cannot read to deliver their advertising for them and that is why my notice had been ignored. 

She went on to lecture me about what a splendid equal opportunities employer they are for doing this.

However there is one thing she seemed to have completely overlooked and that is an employers duty of care.

If someone cannot read a harmless 'No Junk Mail' sign then neither can they read more serious warnings such as 'Danger Keep Out' 'Guard Dogs Loose' 'Beware Falling Masonry' etc. etc.

Or even the one I stumbled across some years ago whilst walking in the Welsh countryside:

I hope none of their leafleteers come to any harm.

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