Monday, 24 March 2014

Clara Bow the 'It' girl

Clara Bow

In 1927 Clara Bow starred in a film called 'It' and was afterwards known as the 'It Girl', It of course being sex appeal.

The song 'She's got It' was written for Clara

Clara was a pre Hays code flapper which meant she got to perform in her undies

She was also the inspiration behind Betty Boop

With the coming of sound Clara began to display various nervous disorders which were to plague her for the rest of her life and she retired from the screen in 1933

Clara died of a heart attack in 1965.

Clara Bow ( real name Clara Gordon Bow )

July 29, 1905 – September 27, 1965


  1. thank you for this series of posts! They bring back to life a whole generation of people who shouldn't be lost to the mists of time. I never realised that Betty Boop was modelled on someone in real life so that gives a whole new meaning to the adorable cartoon character!

  2. The Clara Bow is my favourite post. I'd like to learn more about Hays code flappers.


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