Sunday, 11 May 2014

Foot Spas and Filter Jugs and why you don't really need to buy either...

Did you know that if you draw some tap water and leave it to stand for a while that will have exactly the same effect as running it through one of those expensive filter cartridges?

I always keep a large jug of water standing in the kitchen and any water I consume comes from it.

Last night I forgot to refill my jug and feeling thirsty and bleary this morning I filled a glass directly from the tap; I nearly retched as the waft of chlorine hit my nose - the water didn't even make it down my throat, fortunately I had some soya milk (unsweetened ) in the fridge and drank that instead.

It really brought home to me the difference between 'filtered by standing it in a jug' water which is finest spring water compared to that drank straight from the tap.

Try it and see!

And the foot spa?

large washing up bowl (big enough to comfortably accommodate your feet) and about 500 glass marbles (cheap and easy to find on ebay) warm water and maybe a few drops of peppermint oil or whatever takes your fancy; just let those marbles massage your feet!

This is the first and very possibly the last in my 'money saving' series...

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