Friday, 20 June 2014

Water Water everywhere...

This morning I had a knock at the door; my water was going off in 15 minutes. I was pleased that they had at least let me know and  assuming it wouldn't be off for very long I filled three kitchen jugs from the tap and went back to what I was doing.

As the day wore on I drank some of the water, used the last of the water in the cistern to flush the loo, rinsed my hands with some water from one of the jugs and it was was only after several hours that I suddenly realised how much we take mains water for granted

By this time the loo needed flushing again but I couldn't do it, I'd had a debate with myself about whether or not to use some more water from the jug to wash my hands or keep my now depleted water supply for drinking.

This was resolved by remembering I had some gel hand sanitiser in my handbag so I used that instead.

Just as I was beginning to panic a bit - oh yes - another knock came on the door and the water  was back on.

How much worse is life for people who have no mains water?


  1. Yes, it must be awful to have a limited supply of water to use, we take are water too much for granted but with a limited supply this would be a great concern, having to think what little we had to use with what.

  2. Glad it came back on for you! Touch wood, I have never had our water cut off for anything more than an hour and was always given a warning beforehand via letter! Our electricity went off due to a power cut for 4 hours back in the Winter and I found that hard - especially as our hob is electric so I couldn't boil any water for a coffee! Heaven knows how people cope without electricity or water for weeks on end due to flooding, bad weather or big power cuts!


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