Sunday, 26 October 2014

In praise of baking soda

I've  been experimenting recently with the cosmetic uses of that household staple Sodium Bicarbonate or Baking Soda.

It has many household cleaning and deodorising uses also but  today I am solely  concerned with personal hygiene.

It's main attraction is that it's an all natural product.

The products that we usually use on our bodies day to day contain a lot of nasty chemicals which don't do us or the planet any good at all in the long run.

I'll admit I was a little doubtful that it could replace  deodorants and antiperspirants but I'm here to tell you it can.

For over a week now instead of reaching out for the spray on or the roll on  deodorant I have instead pinched a little Bicarb out of the jar and spread that under my arms instead.

I'm pleased to report that all through my normal daily activities I've not had one single ho-hum sniff at the armpit and as a result I'm a convert.

Moving on to the teeth.

You can brush your teeth all the time with just  Sodium Bicarbonate and water if you wish to and some purists do, but I found this to be an altogether too salty experience although it did bring my teeth up squeaky clean (in addition to the taste I think this may also be a little too harsh on your teeth for daily use) instead I continue to use my usual toothpaste with just dab of Bicarb on top.

You can also make a mouthwash from a cup of water and a teaspoon of  Bicarb and I use this to rinse my mouth each time I clean my teeth. 

My teeth now feel like they've had a professional clean every time I brush and as an added bonus I never wake up with a nasty taste in my mouth  - Bicarb destroys that too :)

 I've saved the best for last Bicarb is also excellent facial cleanser

You can make a facial scrub with just Bicarb and water  which is very effective for clearing out those pores but once again for daily use I prefer to use my usual daily cleanser with a pinch of Bicarb added.

Mix to a paste with a little water, cleanse the face and then wash off.

I could see the improvement almost straight away and my complexion has continued to improve with ongoing use.

If you would like to try any of these suggestions the best price I've found in the shops is at Poundland who sell large packs of Bicarb for yes £1.00 but sadly cannot be relied upon to always have it in stock.

I cleared the shelf last time I saw some in my local branch and they haven't had it since.

The next best buy is a large 2 or 3 kg bag from Amazon which will keep you going for ages and is the best buy for the hardcore convert.

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