Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Rice Porridge (Conjee)

Rice Porridge is famine food.

It's the furthest you can make rice go, yet it's also delicious.

I make mine in my rice cooker using one (1) part rice to fifteen (yes that's right 15)  parts water  and my measure of choice is one of those little plastic containers they use to put the sauces and dips in when you have a Chinese takeaway.

 If you want to be more technical:

40 grams rice
1 litre water 

 Initially it looks as if the rice can't possibly soak up all that water but I guarantee you it will.

I prefer to use sticky rice to make rice porridge, the kind you use to make Sushi.

Simply cook the rice until it breaks down, soaks up the water and forms porridge, stirring regularly, particularly towards the end when it's nearly cooked in order to prevent it burning on the bottom of the pan.

I often eat rice porridge for breakfast or as a snack at any time of the day.

 The quantities given provide enough for three breakfasts, keep it in the fridge and warm it through in the microwave.

Rice porridge is Soluble Fibre and easy to digest which is why it's often used as a convalescent food but it's not just for when you're ill.

Try it and you'll find it becomes a regular addition to your staple recipes.

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